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Vatosline is the first worldwide web-assisted database, for the direct calculation of seafreight surcharges within the international container shipping industry, such as THC, CAF, BAF, Low Sulphur, War Risks, Port Congestion, GRI, Peak Season or ISPS-Surcharges.

We support Freight Forwarders, Logistic Service Providers and Container Shipping Companies with up to date information in a detailed and clearly defined manner.

With the assistance of Vatosline, administration work and costs can be reduced. The latest price changes from shipping lines are at your fingertips, enabling you to provide a speedy and reliable service to your customers.

As a matter of course, our service is in line with the latest update of the EU Competition Law. 


About Vatosline

The Vatosline database is a subscription service. As a user, you can decide which trade lane you would like to subscribe to. Within the trade lane you can select your Port-Pair and receive cost details, surcharge information and comparisons from shipping companies for various types of containers ( 20ft, 40ft, 40ft High Cube). Upon request we issue a benchmarking for each trade lane as well.

The database will provide the latest up to date information. Vatosline collects, organises and prepares the data in a user friendly form. Because of this, we can guarantee a high level of reliable, up to date information.

The data will be put into a tabular format. Additionally, it can be displayed as an interface solution with the information being transferred into your Company system.

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#About Vatosline
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Vatosline offers a Basic Package which includes the routes to and from North- Europe to Far East. Additional routes, for example USA, India, South America, West Africa and Australia or New Zealand are also available.

Basically, all you pay for are your exact requirements and what you really need, so the costs are transparent and easily understandable. For smaller companies we offer a special "pay per click" service.

The duration of the subscription is minimum 6 month at the beginning. Thereafter the subscription elongates itself automatically. Further information you will find in our general terms and conditions.

If you would like further information about us or other trades, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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Trade Examples

Herewith you will find a Trade List overview. The offer will be adjusted continuosly. 

We would gladly work out an individual offer for you!

Basis Package

North West Europe South East Asia / North East Asia incl. Japan v.v.
North West Europe US North Atlantic / Mexico / US Gulf v.v.
North West Europe Mexico Gulf / South America East Coast v.v.

Additional Trades

North West Europe East Med/Black Sea/Israel v.v.
North West Europe India/Pakistan v.v.
North West Europe Indonesia v.v.
North West Europe Red Sea v.v.
North West Europe Arab./ Persian Gulf v.v.
North West Europe East Africa v.v.
10  North West Europe South Africa v.v.
11 North West Europe West Africa v.v.
12 North West Europe North Africa v.v.
13 North West Europe Canary Islands v.v.
14 North West Europe Islands Indian Ocean v.v.
15 North West Europe Australia/ New Zealand v.v.
16 North West Europe North America West Coast v.v.
17 North West Europe South America West Coast v.v.
18 North West Europe South America East Coast - Reefer only v.v.
19 North West Europe Canada (Atlantic) v.v.
20   North West Europe Asia - Reefer only
21  North West Europe Central America/West Indies v.v.
22   North West Europe Mexico Pacific v.v.
23  Scandinavia India v.v.
24  Scandinavia North East Asia/South East Asia/Indonesia v.v.


25  West Med North East Asia / South East Asia v.v.
26  West Med Indonesia v.v.
27  East Med / Black Sea North East Asia / South East Asia v.v.
28  East Med / Black Sea Indonesia v.v.
29  East Med  /West Med Australia v.v.
30  East Med  /West Med Arab.Gulf v.v.
31  East Med  /West Med India / Pakistan v.v.
32  Mediterranean North America East Coast / Canada v.v.
33  Mediterranean South America East Coast v.v.
34  Mediterranean South America West Coast v.v.
35  Mediterranean Red Sea v.v.
36  Mediterranean North America West Coast v.v.
37  Mediterranean Mexico v.v.
38  Mediterranean Central America/West Indies v.v.
39  Mediterranean East Africa v.v.
40  Mediterranean West Africa v.v.
41  Mediterranean South Africa v.v.
42  US West Coast North East Asia / South East Asia v.v.

Vatosline issues statistics as per your individual request about the development of surcharges within a trade lane. ( BAF, CAF, GRI, Aden Gulf Surcharge etc.) These statistics are ideal for budget planning  and shows trends within a trade lane. They can be retrieved  quarterly, half yearly or yearly. The report will be issued in an excel format incl. diagramms. Costs depends on your specific requirements.

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Surcharge Overview

Bunker Adjustment Factor
Currency Adjustment Factor
International Security and Port Facility Security Code
Loading Terminal Handling Charge (harmless only)
Destination Terminal Handling Charge (harmless only)
Low Sulphur Surcharge
Peak Season Surcharge
Emergency Bunker Surcharge
General Rate Increase
War Risk Surcharge
Terminal Charges
Port Congestion Surcharge
Dangerous Goods Surcharge
40'High Cube Additional
Terminal Security Charge Origin
Terminal Security Charge Destination
Dangerous Goods Premium
Suez Canal Transit Charge
Winter Surcharge
Polution Surcharge
Carrier Security Surcharge
Emergency Surcharge - Piracy Surcharge
Sealing Charge
Filing Charge
Lost Slot Additional 
Change of Destination Surcharge
Heavy Weight Surcharge
Ports can be served
Chassis Surcharge
Special Equipment Surcharge
Panama Canal Surcharge
Fuel Recovery Charge
Interim Fuel Participation Factor
Alameda Corridor Surcharge
Equipment Imbalance Surcharge
Toll Fee 
Container Premium Charge
Equipment Maintenance Fee
Port Service Surcharge
Out of Service Charge
Container Service Charge
Equipment Handover Charges
Emergency Charge
Low Water Surcharge
Emergency Revenue Charge
Bunker Additional 
Container Inspection Fee
Off Dock Charge
Container Maintenance Fee
Bosporus Additional
PSS Nuts/Dry Fruits
Angola Operational Surcharge
Liner Out Charge
Port Additional Charge
Add Port Surcharge
Tanzania Freight Bureau Surcharge
Liner In Charge
Emergency Deviation Surcharge
Ship Security Fee
Iran Insurance Surcharge
Piracy Indian Ocean
Fuel Participation Surcharge
Emergency Terminal Congestion Surcharge
Emergency Scanning Surcharge
Dry Season Surcharge
Standard BAF
Variation of BAF
Load Port ISPS
Discharge Port ISPS 
Dummy Booking Charge ( No Shows)
Strike Surcharge
Fog Season Surcharge 
Logistic Imbalance Surcharge
River Toll Surcharge
Contigency Recovery Surcharge
Vessel Traffic Surcharge
Currency Dummy
Kiel Canal Surcharge
Cargo Tracking Surcharge
Emission Control Charge
Vessel Utilization Surcharge 
Inland Fuel Surcharge
Container Weighing

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Freight Administration System

Portrix Logistic Software GmbH

Vatosline furthermore offers a complex multimodal freight administration system via which the individually negotiated contracts can be maintained and combined with the data from the Global Surcharge Calculator. The Global Pricing Module is characterized by a flexible geomodel as well as a simple Excel im- and export feature. Modern Graphical User Interfaces make the daily maintenance of the data significantly easier. The master data are expandable, and it is possible to retrieve a complete rate history at all times. The adjustable layouts and filtering features enable every user to save recurring processes.

The system is composed of the following modules:

- Seafreight FCL

- Seafreight LCL und Airfreight

- Collaborative Sourcing

- RFQ und Quotation Management

If you would like further information about the Global Pricing Modul, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The System is powered by Portrix Logistic Software GmbH. More information you can find here: portrix-ls.de

Portrix Logistic Software GmbH
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APL: Asia MED Rates

Asia-Mediterranean Market Westbound: New FAK Basic Ocean Rate effective 1 August 2017

Please be advised that APL will apply the following Freight All Kind (FAK) Basic Ocean Rates with effect from 1 August 2017 until further notice, for the service scope stated below.

The FAK Basic Ocean Rates are inclusive of Bunker Adjustment Factor. The Rates do not include and are subject to other Bunker related charges, Terminal Handling Charges (Origin and/or Destination), Peak Season Surcharge, Security related Surcharges, and similar charges, which can be found here. In some cases, the amount of one or several of the aforesaid items are nil. Other charges such as contingency and local charges may also apply. All out ports will be subjected to add-ons.

Trade From Base Ports From Base Ports Currency D20′ D40′ D40’HC R40’HC

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MOL: Cancellation of Spain Congestion Surcharge

MOL are pleased to advise that the Spanish stevedores' unions have reached an agreement with port operators on Thursday June 29.

This means five more days of labor actions – June 30, July 3-5 and July 6-8 – have been cancelled and all operations at Spanish ports will resume as usual.

Based on above we will cancel the congestion surcharge of EUR 16 per TEU with immediate effect.

Please visit our website for related Basic Ocean Freight rates, Bunker surcharge (BAF), Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSF), THC (origin or destination), Peak Season surcharges and Security related surcharges which are accessible on www.vatosline.com

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CMA CGM: Overweight Surcharge on China to West Africa trades

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

CMA CGM wishes to inform its customers of the Overweight Surcharge (OWS) implementation on dry cargo from China ports to West Africa as follows:

Effective June 19th, 2017 (B/L date):

From China ports

To Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria
Dry cargo
USD 250 per 20' container with a gross weight above 19 tons

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Major carriers cut terminal handling charges in China

Effective April 1, the AVERAGE THCs of the carriers across China will be adjusted as follows: 

Please keep in mind that the China THC vary from Trade to Trade. 

APL: from RMB676 (US$98)/TEU to RMB576/TEU

CMA CGM: from CNY695/TEU to CNY560/TEU

COSCO Shipping: CNY717/TEU to CNY596/TEU

Evergreen: from CNY639/TEU to CNY 542/TEU

Hapag-Lloyd: from CNY696/TEU to CNY542/TEU

Hyundai Merchant Marine: from CNY706/TEU to CNY592/TEU

Maersk Line: from CNY681/TEU to CNY566/TEU

MSC: from CNY644/TEU to CNY503/TEU

MOL: from CNY678/TEU to CNY 564/TEU

NYK: from CNY 711/TEU to CNY 577/TEU

Sinotrans Container Line: from CNY 664/TEU to CNY575/TEU.

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Hamburg Süd GRI: North Europe to Central America and Caribbean - Change of Base Rates - Subject to bunker surcharge (BAF)

Dear customer,

In order to maintain a high standard of service to our clients, Hamburg Süd is announcing an increased base rate from the North European ports Hamburg, Antwerp, London Gateway, Rotterdam and Le Havre to the Central American and Caribbean ports Cartagena and Caucedo as follows:

EUR 875 per 20’ standard container

EUR 1,750 per 40’ standard/HC container

The above amounts refer to the base rates, are subject to:

- Bunker related charges and surcharges


- Security related charges and surcharges – respectively applicable at the Port of Origin and the Port of Destination

- Terminal Handling Charges – respectively applicable at the Port of Origin and the Port of Destination

- Additional charges and surcharges reflecting foreseeable high demand (such as Peak Season Surcharges)

- all other applicable surcharges, such as local charges and contingency charges, valid at the time of shipment

Above rates are applicable for all cargo on board vessels with ETD 1tst October 2017 onwards (based on Pro forma date of departure) and until further notice.

Other corridors, commodities and container types (including reefers) that are not listed above may also be subject to increases.

Thank you for your continuous support on our services. Please contact your local Hamburg Süd office should you require more information.

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Bunker summary for Asia to USA for Q1/2018

TSA Eastbound BAF update 

Bunker summary for Asia to USA for Q1/2018
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